How to let the kids get involved in decorating their room…and keep it tasteful

I believe a child’s room is their personal space, while your house is technically your personal space where you entertain your family and friends.  If you let your child decide on the wall color, instead of this tasteful green that my nephews bedroom ended up being painted, it might have been a neon green.

Usually, a kid will choose a bright, screaming color in much the same way as adults do if we don’t know how a 2″ paint chip will look once it’s painted on all four walls.
Don’t trust the pretty paint chip. Know that the color you choose will end up twice as bright and light once it’s up.

Here are 5 steps to keeping your child involved (but still keeping it tasteful):

1. Find the bedding first.

Before you cringe and paint your child’s room that neon pink, purple or orange, they’ve just chosen, go shopping with them for bedding. It’s much easier for both of you to agree on the final wall color if it simply coordinates with the bedding or artwork you’ve purchased first, before the painter arrives. This ends any unnecessary debate because it makes the color choice obvious.

2. Get creative with storage to keep floor space for games and toys.

After the bunk bed was installed for my two nephews, William and Markus, we had space beside the built-in bookshelf for a reading corner. They love greens and blues, so I found the elephant art along with the blue ottoman and green pouf for this corner. It leaves the rest of the floor space open for their city of Legos. William loves storing all his special collectables underneath his bed in the two drawers.

3. Don’t forget lamps.

If you count, you’ll see that there are seven lights in this room (including the string of lights on the wall above the bunkbed). The kids turn every single one of them on when they play in here because they love the atmosphere ambient lighting provides. I truly am a lamp tramp and this bedroom is proof!

4. Paint the furniture.

Mix up the look of your furniture by painting a dresser an accent color. Miraculously, we found this on Craigslist, already painted the exact color found in their duvets so we were lucky, but an old dresser looks amazing with a fresh coat of paint.

5. Be involved in choosing your child’s artwork.

What makes this room look tasteful is the elephant picture with the blue ottoman. It creates a fun and colorful focal point. Then when your kids hang up random posters and calendars, there’s still a place for the eye to go even among all the random stuff. Markus and William chose the Big Hero 6 print along with the Minions art when mom was out and about at the supermarket with them. And they love the ‘death star’ light from IKEA.



When your children are involved it can be a happy and colorful collaboration!

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