Bring Your Own Sunshine!

Whatever the weather or the mood, you can always bring the sunshine in.

Do you remember a time when you were having a bad day and someone changed the course of your day with kindness or laughter? There is definitely something to be said for having a sunny disposition.  Sunny moods are contagious.  Kind words + actions inspire others to do the same.  Think of a Pay It Forward moment in your life.  A time when someone spread a little sunshine into your day and influenced you to let the same light shine elsewhere.

I decided to pull together some sun-touched interior + kid-friendly ideas for you + your little ones.  Here are a few ways to add a few rays of yellow to your spaces + places…


Add yellow pom-pom fringe to your draperies for a touch of fun + sun.


Or add a splash of yellow to your bedding with simple pillows or duvets.


{image via ohdeardrea}

Or display your kids artwork, framed in bright shades of yellow.  I love this DIY gallery idea via the caterpillar years


Or, try your hand at crafting DIY emoji balloons like these from studio diy


Add a little sunshine (or a little splash of yellow) to your day + your interiors.


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