New Year. New Resolve: GET ORGANIZED!

Did you know that January is National Get Organized month?

Of course, January is often equated with Resolutions and making a fresh start. And when I think of fresh starts, I instantly think of bringing order + organization to life, one room (or drawer) at a time. Smartstuff furniture offers lots of built-in tools to do just that…

smartstuff-organize8 smartstuff-organize7 smartstuff-organize4 smartstuff-organize3 smartstuff-organize2 smartstuff-organize1

…but sometimes you want to add a little personal touch.

Why not enlist the help of your little ones and take on a few Do-It-Yourself projects this month to help bring order to your children’s spaces. Even just a small project can lead to bigger improvements. Remember the last time you organized one drawer, which then led to the entire dresser? … Sometimes we just have to organize in baby steps … One organizational task at a time.

Recently I found some simple + inspiring DIY ideas for bringing order to your desktops, dressers, closets + living spaces. Since New Year’s always brings sparkle + glitz, I found some Gold-touched ideas to bring in the New Year with order + style.

Click on the images to go to the original link for the DIY how-to’s…


{via view from the fridge}

Organize your desk spaces with these golden creations: a desk organizer or stacks of Kate Spade-Inspired boxes to store all kinds of school or art supplies, paperwork and more…

{via little bits of lacey}

Another project which helps everyone feel more on top of things, is organizing the closet.  You can simplify + streamline the look and organization of your closet by unifying all those mismatched plastic hangers.  See the results on the sweet escape


{via the sweet escape}

And, finally, how about this great solution for organizing lots of kids stuff, from stuffed animals, to folders and magazines?  Check-out the how-to on I Heart Organizing


{via i heart organizing}

Don’t forget to think outside the box and use your imagination!

Instead of gold, you can opt to add all the color you want to any of the above projects. Think teal stripes, pink polka-dots or tangerine accents. Have some fun getting life, or at least a little corner of your world (or closet) in order.

Here’s hoping this round-up of organizational DIY ideas has you motivated to dig into a new project and put those New Year’s resolutions into action.

Happy organizing!


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