DIY Painted Sticks

One of the most fun parts of this particular DIY project is that it combines a love of the outdoors with a little bit of crafting.  A walk through the woods or park takes on the air of an adventure! Boys and girls alike will love the hunting and gathering of just the right elements and selecting paint colors that reflect their personal sense of style.  On our adventure, we strove to find branches with interesting shapes.

Set your imagination free … select colors that make you happy!

You’ll want to also select those that have a somewhat smooth surface (not too much bark, or any peeling layers).  After strategically gathering our sticks (keeping the sizing and scale consistent), we brought them home for a quick transformation into a work of art. With a little attention to detail and a bit of paint, these simple finds from nature will become interesting decor for your kid’s room too.

Ready. Set. Create…(Click here to watch DIY Video)



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