DIY: JuJu Hats

Stunning, textural JuJu Hats have been a big trend in the interior design world as of late. Originally, JuJu Hats were crafted as traditional African headdresses worn in tribal ceremonies, but currently these feathered creations are hip décor…adorning walls in homes around the world.

We wanted to create some of our own gorgeous JuJu-inspired art to accent one of the baby nurseries in our showroom (and give you a fun idea for decorating your daughters’ rooms as well).

We began by sourcing feathers that were already sewn together (which makes the creation of these decorative items quite do-able for all levels of crafters).  Most of our strung-together feathers we found on Etsy at KIMONOS Feathers. We then purchased light-weight, wood circle shapes and some hot glue from our local craft store.  With just a few ingredients, you too can create some positively pretty art – perfect for a girl’s room of any age.

This DIY project is also a great opportunity for you and your daughter to craft together.  Have some fun selecting a color scheme that coordinates or compliments linens and furnishings.  You can make one large JuJu Hat or several and do a mix of textures, colors and sizes (like we did).


Click below to watch the video!

Ready. Set. Create…

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