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Bring Kid-elicious Style to an Interior Door with Removable Wallpaper

Written by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

If you or your kidlette(s) are longing for a change or update to their bedroom or playroom decor, here’s a super simple way to add a pop of color, pattern and personality!

Thanks to removable wallpaper and designers like uniQstiQ, you can bring kid-elicious style to their interior door! Whether you place it on their bedroom, playroom or closet door, the effect is dramatic and fun! And, because this paper is removable, it can be easily updated or changed.

For the super creative, you can apply coloring wallpaper – a fabulous activity and decoration in one! Any which way, you’ll love how easy and stylish this how-to and design idea is to pull off (yep…I just did that).

To make this project even easier, watch the video tutorial below…enjoy!



  • removable wallpaper
  • yardstick or tape measure
  • scissors and/or Exacto-knife
  • credit card/plastic card


  1. Measure your door. If your door has panels, you can simply measure the INSIDE of each. If you have a solid door, measure width and length, leaving about 1/16th of an inch on both sides and top to allow for any adjusting. NOTE: it’s not a big deal if the paper is a little “short”, it’s a lot harder to have to cut any extra length once you’ve placed it on the door.
  2. Unroll and match up your paper. You’ll see that if you order more than one roll, the papers match up on ONE SIDE. Place the sides that match together, then tape together at the top edge to so you know that you are measuring correctly.
  3. Use your door’s measurement to decide where you want to cut. This is when you’ll want to chose the look of your door’s pattern design.
  4. Flip over & Measure your paper. Remember the adage “measure twice, cut once”? This is super relevant on this project. Flip over your paper to its back, mark in pencil or pen which side is which (Top left, Top right), then measure and mark the dimensions of your door (or door panels).
  5. Carefully cut your paper. Cut as straight as possible, as any sloppy cuts will show up on your child’s door. Also, BE SURE YOU ARE CUTTING the CORRECT EDGE of the paper! Note: if you tape them together (as in step 2), this will help avoid cutting mistakes.
  6. Prep your door. Make sure your door is clean, dust-, dent-, and nail-free. This will make smoothing on your paper MUCH easier. Also, remove any hardware (door knob, door plates or hooks).
  7. Peel top edge of paper, then apply. Start at one corner, then only peel about 4″-5″ inches of the paper. Fold over the non-sticky paper (to keep it out of the way) and begin applying by placing the top corners of your paper to the top corners of your door or panel.
    DON’T PANIC! If you placed it a bit wonky, simply pull off your paper, then re-apply! Easy-peasy!
  8. Start smoothing paper with credit card. Once you’ve place your paper nicely into the top corners, begin smoothing the paper, making sure there are NO bubbles. If you see any, you can lift up the paper and reapply. Continue doing this until you are done! Fun!TO APPLY A SECOND PIECE:
  9. Go back to step #6, BUT, peel the MATCHING SIDE of your paper. This is very important! Your goal is to MATCH the design of the first roll with this second one. Match up the sides as best you can, then follow and finish with step #7.
  10. 10. Replace hardware. For door knobs and plates, use something sharp like a BBQ skewer or knitting needle to poke a hole from the BACK. For hooks, either try and feel for previous holes or create new ones. Again, first poke the hole with a nail before screwing it in. NOTE: be careful not to damage your paper when re-installing hardware.



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