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DIY Mid-Century Modern Planter in 3 Easy Steps

Written, Photographed and Video by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

Like fashion, home decor styles are often in one year, out the next. However, when it comes to mid-century modern design, it seems we’ve had a never-ending love affair with its characteristic clean lines and gentle organic curves. Today’s project splendidly captures the spirit of this always-on-trend aesthetic.

Now, if you’re like me, and view your house plants like close personal friends (I’ve even named mine, “Robert”), then you’ll love this adorable 3-legged, mid-century modern planter holder you can DIY in just three easy steps. With only a few items, found at local box stores like Target, Home Depot, and Lowes, you’ll have an enduring showpiece (and a very happy BFF – best floral friend), that’s chic and cute at the same time.



Step #1: Spray paint metal on leg tips. Here, you’ll want to tape off the wooden part of the leg to avoid overspray. Tip: place legs upside down in an egg crate to dry.

Step #2: Stain the wooden legs the same color as your bowl. This will make your stand look totally custom. Tip: if you’ve got several stains at home, paint a test strip to compare to your bowl. If you need to pick up some at the store, ask the paint associate to help you. The folks at Home Depot even allowed me to make a test strip right in the store…it never hurts to ask!

Step #3: Attach three steel angle top plates, then screw in the legs. To find the measurement, use this guide:

Print the guide, then place on your wooden bowl. Each “x” is 120° apart and where you should place the center of each plate.

Mark the pre-drill holes for the plates with a pencil. Drill holes, (it’s okay to go all the way through), then screw into place.

Add a washer to the center hole, then screw in your legs. Because the leg screws are a little long – they don’t sit flush to the angle plates – you can add a washer to create a tight fit.

Extra Details!

I’m all about adding personality to whatever I DIY, so, I’ve included a couple pinstripes. I simply started at the base with a line of tape, then added four more lines. After removing two lines of tape, I now had even stripes.

I thought it gave the planter stand a little something special (I even added a few MCM-inspired sparkles!). Feel free to add whatever design and color that makes you happy!

Plant in a planter pot

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