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The Perfect ‘Fit’ Event: Sit, Sip & Suit Up

On November 14, we are joining forces with three luxury brands (Moore & Giles leather, Alton Lane custom menswear and Elijah Craig spirits) to curate an evening of masculine indulgence in the Alton Lane showroom at 304 Libbie Avenue in Richmond. The event entitled “The Perfect Fit” will run from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. To RSVP, CLICK HERE

“We’re making it easier to define your own personal style by bringing together key elements of your life,” said Universal Furniture Director of Marketing Neil MacKenzie. “Your interiors and your clothing say a lot about a person.”

An evening tailored for the senses, it’s designed to bring you the best in sartorial, seating and gustatory pleasures from the best purveyors of furniture, leather, liquor, and attire. Upon arrival, guests will be encouraged to sit back in a buttery leather recliner, sip a rich bourbon and savor some appetizers while immersing themselves in the world of luxury masculine accouterments.

“Great fitting clothing makes you feel and look confident, so you can present your best self in business and personal matters,” said Chris Shepard, business development manager for Alton Lane. “Developing that great fit starts with our 3D scanning technology, supplemented by select hand measurements to develop clothing that’s truly tailored to the individual.”

Become a leather expert when you tour the Moore & Giles custom Air Stream trailer. Find your fit via 3D scan technology at the Alton Lane showroom, and discover how Universal Furniture designs the most comfortable stationery and reclining leather chairs for watching, sipping, napping or negotiating.

“There’s no material that conveys masculinity better than leather,” said Daryl Calfee, vice president of marketing for Moore & Giles. “It’s an essential element to a man’s wardrobe and interiors.”

To learn more about participating brands visit the websites of  Alton Lane, Moore & Giles and Elijah Craig.

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