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Make a Lovely Lazy Susan the Lazy DIYer’s Way

Copy. photography and video by Skaie Knox,

What I’ve always appreciated most about Scandinavian design is its timeless beauty and simplicity – clean lines, modern form with a dash of elegance. Growing up, I would visit both my Swedish/Norwegian aunts’ houses and noticed how relaxed and lovely their decor made me feel.

Today’s how-to project is a celebration of stylish simplicity and how even a lazy DIYer can add a touch of it to their homes. Thanks to the wooden clock plaque in this project, no measuring is needed. Gather the following supplies and just an hour of your time to make this lazy DIYer’s lovely Lazy Susan.


  • ¾” x 10” wooden circle clock plaque
  • ⅜” screw hole buttons
  • Light sandpaper
  • Wood beeswax
  • ¾” x 32” leather strap (1.6 mm)
  • Contact adhesive
  • 2 decorative nails
  • Rubber mallet
  • Lazy susan hardware
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • 4 adhesive felt pads

*Visit for links to purchase these supplies


  1. Gently sand the top of your wood circle. Insert the wooden button.
  2. Apply wax in a circular motion onto the top of the wood. Allow 30 minutes to dry, then buff smooth with a rag.
  3. Glue leather strap to edge of the wooden circle.
  4. Add decorative nails to leather ends to secure.
  5. Attach Lazy Susan hardware to bottom of the wooden circle. Center hardware over the center hole, mark then drill pilot holes using a 5/64” drill bit, screw into place. Adhere felt pads to the bottom of hardware.

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