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How To Make a Leather Strap Hanging Mirror

Editorial, photos and video by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

Like the clothes we wear, our home interiors communicate our personality and style. Whether your vibe is modern, contemporary, casual or quirky, decorative accessories can add that something special to your space.

Today’s project, How to Make a Leather Strap Hanging Mirror, not only reflects timeless design and impeccable taste, it also, quite literally, reflects you! Follow these easy-to-DIY steps to impress even the persnicketiest decor critic in your life. This decorative accent’s simple, functional elegance is perfect for adorning any wall as a solo piece or alongside a collection of artwork or photographs.


  • ¾” x 10” wooden circle clock plaque
  • P240 Sandpaper + sanding block
  • Copper metallic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • ½” wood screws (gold or copper color)
  • Contact adhesive
  • Straight edge
  • Leather shears
  • 5mm thick, ¾” wide, 34” long leather strapping
  • Phillips screwdriver and drill + 5/64 bit
  • 10” bevelled mirror
  • Optional: crafting turntable


1.Sand wooden circle edge. Lightly sand to create a smooth surface for your paint.

2.Paint wooden circle edge. Place wooden circle on table or crafting turntable and paint edge about 1” on the face of the circle where you’ll adhere your mirror for a more finished look.

3.Measure holes on leather strap. Measure, then make a mark ¼” from each end of the strap for the first holes, then 2 ¼” from each end of the strap for the second holes.

4.Drill holes in leather strap. Place your strap on a piece of scrap wood, then drill the four holes you just marked.

5.Measure and mark center line. Take your straight edge and find the longest point – 10”, then mark the center line on each side of your circle. Extend each line to the edge – this will be your first drill hole.

6.Mark then drill pilot holes. Take a nail and poke it through the first hole of your leather strap. Place leather strap onto center line on the wood’s edge, then press to create a small hole dent. Do this for each hole in strap, then drill a shallow pilot hole.

7.Glue, then screw leather strap to wood. Apply contact adhesive to leather strap. Next, using a screwdriver, screw in ½” screws to leather, then line up the screw to their pilot holes and tighten.

8.Adhere mirror to wooden circle. Add a generous amount of glue to the back of your mirror and the face of your wood circle, then adhere together. Allow to cure overnight.

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