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DIY Round Leather Wall Pockets

Editorial, photos and video by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

From as far back as the 16th century, pockets have served us in keeping stuff tidy and accessible. During Victorian times, when it was customary to share bedrooms, these shidden pouches were often the only private place a person had to keep small personal possessions.

Today’s project celebrates this time-honored invention by flaunting its features – stylish, functional and multi-purpose. With a handful of supplies and simple instructions, you’ll love how easy it is to make a round leather wall pocket!

Make one, two or a set of three or more to stylishly organize your stuff. This hanging decorative accent is perfect for organizing office supplies, mail, sweet notes, photos or even dried or faux flowers. Filled to the brim or leave it empty, this oval organizer is a must-DIY!


  • 8”, 9” OR 11” wooden disc
  • (1) 6” x 12” piece of leather or faux leather
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • (8-22) decorative upholstery tacks or finishing nails
  • hammer or rubber mallet
  • (2) brass screw eyes (5/32” x ⅝”)
  • 1 yard 1/4″ cotton cording
  • (3) wooden beads: one (1) 16 mm, two (2) 10 mm


1. Create your paper template:

a) Place a piece of paper onto the front of your wooden disc.

b) Using your finger, crease the edge of the paper against the edge of your wooden disc starting about ½ way down one side, down and around to ½ way up the other into a semi-circle.

c) Trace along this creased edge with the side of a pencil to mark your cut line.

d) Cut out your template.

2. Cut out leather pocket piece. Place your paper template to the back of your leather piece, mark, then cut out.

3. Mark tack points. Using your straight edge and pencil, mark approximately 1 ¼” apart (and ¼” from edge) along the sides and bottom edge of your leather piece.

4. Attach leather pocket. Tack leather pocket piece to your wooden disc.

a) For a tight pocket: place leather against the edge of your wooden disc then tack.

b) For a pocket with extra space: place one side of your leather piece ⅛” inside the wooden disc’s edge, then tack starting from one side, down to the other.

Note: the nature of this project is somewhat organic, so it doesn’t have to be perfect!

5. Screw in eye screws. Screw in eye screws just above the half-way point on each side of your wooden disc.

6. Tie and attach hanging nylon + beads. For a decorative look, do the following:

a) Fold nylon cording in half.

b) Thread folded end through large bead, creating a loop at top to hang wall pocket. Tip: tape cut ends with scotch tape to make threading easier.

c) Thread each end cord through a smaller bead (same on each side), then through eye screw, back through the same bead, then tie a knot to secure.

Note: make sure wooden beads have large holes to fit cording. You can also use leather or macrame cording as well.

Optional: to add a more decorative element, you can paint a stencil or glue fabric onto your wood first, before attaching the leather pocket.

7. Hang one or in a group, fill to organize your stuff, then enjoy!

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