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Were you planning to attend High Point Market this spring? No worries, because this time around, Universal Furniture is bringing High Point Market to YOU! From April 22-27 we will be hosting a series of digital collection walk-thrus, 360 degree virtual tours, educational events, a virtual cocktail party and so much more. Sign-up now to receive exclusive access to our Virtual Market:

Check out this sneak peek of what we have in store for our Virtual Market!


Marketing Strategist Franziska Neumann, of Creative Agency FZK, will show you how to use data to determine the success of your marketing efforts (no matter your comfort level with numbers) and help you discover the best marketing channels for your needs. RSVP

Furniture, Lighting & Decor talks with home furnishings retailers about how this unprecedented situation is impacting their businesses. How are they using ecommerce, digital platforms and online communication tools? RSVP

Promoboxx delivers social media best practices, performance insights, enablement and support for you to drive engagement. RSVP

Today’s client expects service, connectivity, transparency and personalization from their design professional like never before; so how do we achieve that? And more importantly, what technology can we use to support this idea of “service at scale” so firms can be more efficient and more profitable by leveraging technology. Presented by Erinn Valencich. RSVP

Furniture, Lighting & Decor talks with interior designers about the innovative ways they are connecting with and managing design projects for their current clients, as well as those who have remodeled their design businesses by guiding clients’ design projects through online platforms. How might digital connection change the way we conduct interior design consultations and what are the cutting-edge tools to do so? RSVP

Join Nick May of the Chaise Lounge Podcast and Courtney Pisarik from Ink PR as they examine the results of digital and social media versus traditional print coverage and the impact it can have on your business. RSVP

Join us for this panel with Embello on influencer marketing and the new digital landscape. Three design influencers will share how they’ve been able to leverage content creation and adapt their business to the ‘new digital normal’. RSVP

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