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Master Bedroom Summer Refresh

Written and Photographed by Summer Adams

Today I wanted to share with you how I made simple changes to give my Master Bedroom a summer refresh! We kept the bedding and some pillows and we still love our headboard and bench but I was convinced I wanted to do something totally different in this new home.  But guess what? I’ve been looking and thinking and I really don’t know what I want to do yet.  So instead, I’m finishing other spaces in our home first and I decided to just give our master bedroom here a “summer refresh” and change a few things. It’s easy!  You can do it too!

Instead of keeping our ivory down duvet cover on the entire bed, I folded it down and kept it just at the foot of the bed for a cooler night.  Since the temperatures are now warmer, our fresh crisp sheets and white ruffle coverlet seem just perfect.  I also like the way the white linens and bedding brighten up the room.


Tip: Mixing whites and creams are absolutely OKAY to do!
I love the way it gives the room more sophistication and looks lovely, layered together.
DON’T add just one pop of cream in a room or it might appear “dirty”.
DO try to balance the whites and creams.


Our last nightstands were vintage finds from our days back in Waco, Texas.  I wanted some nicer pieces that were more functional and had cleaner lines and more contemporary drawer knobs or pulls. I was so happy to partner with my friends at Universal Furniture on these gorgeous Summer Hill Nightstands.  I love the size, as I wanted large nightstands that could be great for storage but beautiful too.

I love the ring drawer pulls and traditional style!  It’s exactly what I had in mind.  I love the ease of the drawers AND I absolutely love…..

…..the smart feature!  I love that it has a lift top and a power outlet inside for 3 devices. I plug in our lamps and our mobile phones and there’s room for one other thing so I like that I can plug in my laptop and no longer have to plug the laptop on the side wall.  Josh may have tripped on it a time or two in the middle of the night, eek!  Universal Furniture makes such high-quality furniture and I’m so thrilled to have their pieces in my home!  I highly recommend these nightstands.  Josh and I are both so happy with them and they look perfect in our master bedroom.

See more of Summer’s work at or on Instagram @summeradamsdesigns

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