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Sita Montgomery’s Take On Universal To The Trade

Universal To the Trade is a unique program offering a distinctive collection of home furnishings carefully selected for the interior design professional.

When we designed our To The Trade program, value and convenience were our top priorities, so to ensure that we’re fully catering to our designers we constantly ask for feedback on our program. We spoke with well-known interior designer, Sita Montgomery of Sita Montgomery Interiors, watch the video below to find out how our program has benefited her business, and why our program could work for you. To sign up for a To The Trade account, click here:


Why do you enjoy working with Universal to the Trade?

“As I have worked more and more with Universal and continued to utilize their resources, I have realized that as a designer, a to the trade line like this is key. Universal makes everything so simple. I am able to order what I need online, and I can also view a timeline of my order from the time I place it until it has been delivered. Plus, their customer service is available and accessible to me whenever I need to ask any questions. And, of course, the driving force behind choosing any line, to begin with, is the aesthetic and quality of a product and Universal has the best of both. Their products can work for my clientele no matter what style we are designing.”

How has our iStore affected the way you work?

“Universal is definitely a whole home resource for me, especially when it comes to the iStore. With the iStore, I am able to log in when I am starting a new project and can easily navigate around while I browse. The site is easy to navigate, and I can find pieces for virtually any home space. That in itself is huge to me. Like most designers, I don’t have the time to select from 50 different resources. With the iStore, I can explore everything from upholstery items to case good pieces and know that I am using my time efficiently.”

Besides the iStore, which other To the Trade features do you enjoy?

“We also really like being able to have the physical swatches that Universal provides. Physical swatches will always be important in interior design. Nothing compares to that tangible element of being able to touch and feel the product. It helps for us to make sure that the product we ultimately choose is going to work in the space that we are designing.

Another great feature is that Universal to the Trade also doesn’t require an order minimum, which is huge. A lot of times we will run into the problem of finding a brand we want to shop but can’t because of minimums. For a business like mine, where we don’t have a brick and mortar, a lot of brands require a pretty large order minimum which we cannot meet. But with Universal To the Trade, we can buy the exact pieces we need without worrying about meeting minimums.”

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