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In The Spotlight: Sita Montgomery

Sita Montgomery is the founder of Sita Montgomery Interiors based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sita is especially celebrated for her unique ability to select fresh colors while mixing patterns and textures to create beautiful spaces.

For this particular project, Sita designed a home for an active family with four children and two dogs. In order to achieve gorgeous spaces that were both functional and durable, Sita knew right away that she wanted to collaborate with Universal Furniture. “For this family’s home design, I knew I wanted to look to a brand that marries form, function, and of course quality and aesthetic. I immediately decided on Universal because they offer amazing pieces and have a one-stop-shop quality.”

Which Universal Furniture piece initially caught your eye for this design project?

“I love textured items and also extra touches like a nail-head detail. These smaller details show that a piece’s design has been well thought out and executed to precision. That is why I was immediately drawn to Universal’s Forsythe Chair for my client’s living space. While not only being incredibly comfortable, its texture is also so inviting.”

When considering scale, were there any Universal Furniture pieces that especially worked for the space? 

“Yes! I picked the Modern Side Table because it is small enough to not be cumbersome to the space, keeping in mind that the family room openly flows into the dining area. But, at the same time, the table’s surface is still big enough to hold a drink or a magazine. And just as a side note, I also loved its chrome table legs! It played off of the chrome lighting we installed throughout the space, so that was just an extra reason why it worked so well.”

Speaking of the open layout, which Universal Furniture pieces did you choose to support this concept?

“The dining, kitchen, and family room are open-concept and stand together almost as one. The dining area especially can be seen throughout the home, so I wanted to find pieces that combined function while still remaining strikingly beautiful. That is why I selected the Paula Deen Dining Table. The tabletop along with the gracefully curved legs are aesthetically pleasing and provide a great and interesting focal point for the room.

Once I had the table selected, I knew it would pair perfectly with the clean lines of the Modern Chair. The chairs helped to elevate the look even more while still remaining homey and inviting.”

How did you approach adding storage features to this living space?

“To meet my client’s storage needs while still remaining true to the aesthetic, I selected the Playlist Chest for a variety of reasons. I wanted to choose a spacious storage piece that would complement the area without being too bulky and distracting. The finishing color of the chest is also very soft and inviting, and it is topped off with stylishly unique hardware, making it the perfect choice.”

Are there any other Universal Furniture living room favorites?

“Definitely. I love all of the pieces that I selected from Universal, but one of my absolute favorites is the Postscript Coffee Table. I think the details on the table are so beautiful, and it creates a focal point for the room. Another favorite piece I collected is the Bungalow Co Cola Table, and I chose it for a variety of reasons. One, the function of the table along with its scale is perfect for the room. The color, too, was amazing and matched with the aesthetic of the rest of the room.”

How did you carry the same aesthetic from the living space into the master bedroom?

“I really wanted to keep the cohesion flowing from the living space to the master bedroom, so I knew I wanted to select a Universal bed to make that possible. That is why it is so nice that Universal is a one-stop-shop for all spaces in the home. It helps to keep the design process uncomplicated.  The Playlist Harmony bed was a great choice for the bedroom because not only does it continue the aesthetic from the living space, but it also makes a beautiful statement in the master all on its own.”

How did you adjust your mindset when you designed the children’s rooms?

“When choosing furniture specifically for the kids, I wanted to select items that were not only stylish and durable but also pieces that feature logical functions that kids need these days. Kids need to have furniture that works for their lifestyle, too.

One of the major highlights of the nightstands found in the youth collection is the integrated lighting at the touch of a button. Another great feature, especially with all of the gadgets kids love, is the built-in, hidden charging station. It is perfect for phones and iPads, and provides convenient cord management if you also incorporate a lamp or reading light.”

Now that your design project is complete, how do you feel about the results?

 “I am proud that we created a space that really functions while remaining aesthetically beautiful and pleasing. Using the pieces we selected from Universal, we were able to create that dual zone of beauty and function that my clients wanted.”

See more of Sita’s work at or on Instagram @sitamontgomeryinteriors

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