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How to Properly Style an Etagere

Etageres can be an amazing addition to any home interior, providing both style and extra surface space. However, the act of properly styling an etagere is one that can be quite daunting! With so much open space to fill, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with how to make the most of this unique home furnishing. Read on as we break down our 4 unwritten rules for styling any etagere to turn this design task from complicated to simple… and even fun!

1.     Less is More

It can be tempting to see all of the open display space in an etagere and feel the need to immediately fill it up with all of the knick-knacks you’ve ever owned. But, we urge you to refrain! Instead, take a good look at the etagere and its placement within your room, and really consider the types of items that would best complement it before you start decking it out. In this case, less is always more — just stick to several favorite key pieces to make the most impact.

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2.     Variety of Size and Scale

Another very important aspect when it comes to styling an etagere is being sure you select pieces with varying design characteristics, mainly when it comes to size and scale. If every decorative piece displayed on your etagere is similar to one another, the result will be drab and boring! Instead, opt for pieces with varying heights, like a large and small candle set. Or, place your accent on top of several stacked coffee books for added stature. Keeping size and scale in mind will help to create movement and a visual path for the eye to follow.

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3.     Make It Personal

When designing any area of your home, it is always essential to try to include your own unique touch as much as you can. But, given its ample amount of surface space, an etagere, in particular, is a great place to express your personal style and story. Try displaying some of your favorite framed family photos, books or a decorative item you brought back from a recent trip or vacation. These small details are guaranteed to make you smile each time they catch your eye, plus they will add to the overall aesthetic of your etagere design.

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4.     Avoid the Urge to Create Clutter

After the effort it took to style your etagere, it is important to remember that it is not meant to be a “catch-all” piece of furniture! Stashing your mail, shopping receipts, and other loose items on the shelves of your etagere may be convenient at the time, but these items can quickly build up and turn into a cluttered mess. Stick to items such as a decorative bowl filled with potpourri, a matching pair of bookends, or a small ceramic dish to preserve your new area of home décor heaven.

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