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Learning Center Events – Fall 2022

Our Learning Center, located in the Universal showroom, hosts several events each Market.

From panel discussions to lectures, we cover the trends happening now.

Visit the Universal Showroom Learning Center Friday, October 21 through Tuesday, October 25 for 15 can’t-miss events!


Friday 10/21/22 2PM Carmin Black, Half United https://youtu.be/NAdnsveHmo4 

Why Gainful Employment is the #1 Way to Fight Hunger and Poverty 

HALF UNITED is a North Carolina-based brand that fights hunger and poverty through the sale of home goods and apparel made by artisans in Haiti, Peru, Mexico and other countries. During High Point Market, the company’s goods will be sold in the Universal Furniture showroom. Hear from co-founder Carmin Black as she discusses how gainful employment is the number one way to fight hunger around the world.

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Friday 10/21/22 4PM Tori Sikkema https://youtu.be/j9QJtIe_nKE

Telling Your Design Story Visually: The Importance of a Professional Portfolio

With 20 years of marketing expertise, Tori demystifies branding, marketing, and business to help you get seen, published, and booked by dream clients.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to visually tell your design story;
  • How to leverage photography to get published;
  • How to grow your social media;
  • How to get yourself in front of your ideal clients.

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Saturday 10/22/22 10AM Melissa Galt https://youtu.be/2DUppUPyjYY

Rate & Fees: How to Charge Flat Fees and Protect Profit

Are you tired of tracking your hours? Don’t miss this high impact presentation by interior design business coach and author Melissa Galt to learn how to find your fortune with a square foot fee structure, percent of project cost and other proven fee structures. You’ll get the lowdown on a dual fee method and discover how to pick the right approach for your business. Stop leaving money on the table, and get ready to protect your profit from scope creep and indecisive clients.

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Saturday 10/22/22 12PM MyDoma Studio and Sherwin-Williams https://youtu.be/nPpwkESRth8

Sarah Daniele, MyDoma Studio, Sabina Jahic, Sherwin-Williams, Shane Jones, Sherwin Williams, Rachel Moeller, Sherwin-Williams

Get Your Design Biz Organized with MyDoma Studio and Sherwin-Williams

Sarah Daniele and SED Division Sherwin-Williams Designers will take us on their journey to discuss the premier platform and product brand built by designers and for designers.

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Saturday 10/22/22 2PM Lori Miller https://youtu.be/-BE_8tV6etU

Sensory by Design: A Wellness CEU Wellness Design, Well Building, Design for the Senses.

These industry buzzwords have become even more critical with each passing year. How do the 5 senses allow designers to deliver better results for their clients? In this course, we’ll discuss how the focus of interior design is shifting as we move through an increasingly noisy world. From overall wellness and the impact of technology to safety in the home and our public spaces, design must now work on all levels to provide environments that foster health and mindfulness.

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Saturday 10/22/22 4PM Christi Barbour, Ericka Saurit, Ginna Christensen, Dawn Sweitzer https://youtu.be/vchQ8VtmM8U

Becoming a Creative Renegade: How to build a brand, not just a business

The most successful designers in our industry know that it takes more than just confidence and hard work to truly stand out in the hearts and minds of their clients (and potential clients!). Becoming a Creative Renegade isn’t about revenue, or number of followers, or even length of time in the industry, but something far more valuable: stepping into your power, welcoming and embracing limitations, and repeatedly turning failure into opportunity.

Brand marketing strategist Ericka Saurit and creative leadership coach Ginna Christensen will lead a lively conversation with three extraordinary industry design leaders to unpack the essence of what it takes to become a Creative Renegade: differentiation, relevance, and resilience.

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Sunday 10/23/22 10AM Gail Doby, Nadia Roberts, Elissa Grayer, Kaitlin Petersen https://youtu.be/wNsQB7zOYWM

Salaries Revealed: The Answers to Who Gets Paid What

Are you well paid or does payday leave you feeling undervalued? What are others making? Gail Doby, co-founder of Pearl Collective, Nadia Roberts, principal of Interior Talent and Elissa Grayer, principal designer, Elissa Grayer Interior Design, will reveal just-released data on owner and staff salaries and compensation in this revealing and lively conversation. Understand what compensation looks like for every level in your company. Learn what is happening regionally and nationally and how you can adjust your business to pay yourself and your employees what you deserve. Moderated by Kaitlin Petersen of Business of Home.

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Sunday 10/23/22 11AM Erinn Valencich, Mat Sanders, Joshua Rose, Rafael Kalichstein https://youtu.be/fUkAz8dqrRs

Licensing your Product Designs 

Interested in creating new revenue channels for your design business? Discover the ins and outs of licensing from leading experts including Mat Sanders, Joshua Rose & Rafael Kalichstein of FORM Design Studio in conversation with Erinn Valencich (Erinn V. Design Group) in an enlightening conversation about product design and licensing from all sides.

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Sunday 10/23/22 2PM Ericka Saurit, Jessica Duce, Ashley Ross & Tiffany Cassidy https://youtu.be/i81-coXt7_U

Designing for Vacation Rental Properties

Want to learn more about the fastest growing design niche? Vacation rental design is a booming field for the billion dollar short term rental industry. If you want to learn how these designers have gotten into this field, ways to navigate this niche and the lessons they have learned join us for this very timely topic With Jessica Duce, JDuce Design, Ashley Ross from Muse Noire and Tiffany Cassidy from Lagnappe Custom Interiors. Moderated by Ericka Saurit, former design lead for Air BnB and principal at Saurit Creative. Presented by High Point x Design.

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Sunday 10/23/22 4PM John McClain https://youtu.be/GFrBWJtfp10

The Essential Systems and Processes Every Interior Designer Needs and Why

Join interior designer and business coach John McClain as he identifies the fundamental systems you need to efficiently operate your interior design business and the processes that support them. John will tackle essential strategies and methods like how to efficiently onboard new clients and which approval processes will limit your liability. These tools will help you run every project with a repeatable plan to ensure you and your clients are set up for success and satisfied with the design process. A book signing celebrating the release of McClain’s inaugural book, The Designer Within: A Professional Guide to a Well-Styled Home, will immediately follow the course program at 5pm. Cocktails will be provided.

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Monday 10/24/22 10AM Krissa Rossbund, Michelle Murphy, Vanessa Deleon, Shalena Smith https://youtu.be/UMbCZYdND1Y

Designing for Celebrities

Working with celebrities can be a designer’s dream but learning how to navigate your business with the rich and famous has its challenges. Get first-hand accounts from designers who have worked with celebrities on a variety of interior design projects. From expectations on time and design to professionalism and discretion, our panel will share their celebrity design experiences and how they were able to leverage these sensitive relationships. Krissa Rossbund of Traditional Home will moderate this talented line-up that includes Michelle Murphy of Demi Ryan, Shalena Smith of Shalena Smith Interior Design and Vanessa Deleon of VDA Designs.

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Monday 10/24/22 2PM Melissa Galt https://youtu.be/pTEjlNVr8Q8

Time Mastery: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Turn productivity into profit. Become a master of time when you learn the three most important components of project management with interior design business coach Melissa Galt. Join Melissa as she shares her expert advice on how to document your processes, eliminate crisis management, and avoid client frustration. This high energy, high impact presentation will motivate you to love your design business more, in less time, with less stress and higher profits.

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Monday 10/24/22 4PM Leslie Carothers & Laura Muller https://youtu.be/Gz_EiSYhkDk

Authenticity and Consistency in Online Branding: Top Tips To Help You Secure New Luxury Clients 

Learn exactly how Laura Muller, past president of ASID – Los Angeles and principal of Four Point Design Build, attracted 9 new ideal luxury clients through her use of Instagram to authentically brand herself. Moderated by Savour Partnership principal, Leslie Carothers, come prepared for hands on REELS training, too!

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Tuesday 10/25/22 10AM Sharon L. Sherman https://youtu.be/ztui30elHSg

Contracts And Letters of Agreement

Learn the nuts and bolts about letters of agreement and what you need to have in your contract to ensure a happy and productive working relationship with your clients in this conversation led by Sharon L. Sherman, ASID, CKD, NCIDQ, principal of New Jersey based Thyme and Place Design. IDCEC approved for 1.0 CEU.

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Tuesday 10/25/22 2PM Kelly Finley, Susie Novak, Joshua Smith, Reginald Dunlap, Antonio Deloatch, LuAnn Nigara, moderator 

California Cool: The Future of Sustainability

Do your part. Reduce your carbon footprint at HPMKT on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 2pm. Learn how to use sustainability trends to capitalize on the evolving needs of your business and clients. Join California-based designers Kelly Finley, Susie Novak, Joshua Smith, Reginald Dunlap and Antonio Deloatch as they explore how design and sustainability can positively impact our planet. Moderated by LuAnn Nigara.

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