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Creating a Rustic, Neutral Little “Getaway” Space with Universal Furniture…

Content and photography by Brittany Hayes, Addison’s Wonderland

Happy almost Halloween AND almost November!!! I honestly cannot decide if this year has flown by or crept by. Soooooo much has changed in my life over these last nine months that it honestly at this point all seems like a blur. Life has been way way crazier and busier than usual but it’s been a really good thing for me. It was literally… unexpected divorce, renovating my boutique, renovating my event space, several huge blog collaborations, the kiddos home for the Summer… all at once. I have to say though that staying busy got me over the hump and now it just seems all of my craziness mentally and work-wise subsided at the exact same time. “Subsided” is relative but I am always DETERMINED to stay in a really good head space and I truly feel that I am headed down a path I was always meant to be on. And it feels GOOD.

Another big thing I randomly decided to tackle late Summer was revamping parts of my home! I started with my master bedroom because I felt that it would help me start down a fresh new path. Next, I wanted to tackle FINALLY finishing my basement. As some of you may remember, our basement flooded about a year ago now due to a record amount of rain we had gotten here in Georgia. Since the water level in our city is already typically high, record downpours made our 1905 foundation flood from the ground up. Literally. Water came up through our slab so we had to clear it all out, have trenches dug in our crawlspace and then all of the flooring replaced. So. Fun. I am happy to report that everything is fixed and replaced and fingers crossed we get no more flooding.

Today I have partnered with Universal Furniture to bring my basement living room to life! Universal Furniture creates quality furnishings for the whole home with a focus on function and lifestyle. I had decided quite a while back that I wanted to create a completely different feel in my basement than the rest of my home. A little “getaway” full of texture and neutrals and warm tones in contrast to my more vibrant living spaces upstairs. They have an extensive product offering that is luxurious, yet approachable. Their diverse collection includes a mixture of finishes from light maple to white lacquer, bleached walnut, wire-brushed oak and rich walnut with materials including glass, wood, metal and stone. Each of these textures brings such a level of sophistication and high level design to a space. I personally found sooooo many amazing pieces that I LOVED for my basement living room. I ended up selecting two of their Patterson Accent Arm Chairs to flank the fireplace and a Spaces Vance Cocktail Table. I am OBSESSED with the Patterson Accent Arm Chairs! They were the perfect finishing touch to the fireplace with the gorgeous tan color and basket-weave detailing.

I love Universal Furniture because they are so easy to work with and serve as such a great resource for interior designers. Being an interior designer myself, it’s always so wonderful to have a resource like Universal Furniture to turn to for design projects. Through it’s To The Trade program, Universal Furniture offers a distinctive collection of home furnishings. You can SIGN UP HERE for their TRADE PROGRAM! Their Spaces collection is a young, vibrant and eclectic group of furnishings befitting a first home or a high rise apartment. Although it’s defined by size- smaller in scale- it’s large in scope, with more than 75 skus in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional and transitional. “Spaces” addresses the constraints of real life for younger Americans by offering a collection of multiple fashion preferences that all fit within a smaller footprint. Between all of their collections, you are SURE to find something you love!

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Universal Furniture. All opinions are my own. Thank you to Universal Furniture for sponsoring this post!


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