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Master Bedroom Makeover With Universal Furniture

Content and photography by Kyla Herbes of House of Hipsters

​​If you’ve been around these parts for a while now, you may have wondered why I no longer post photos of the master bedroom. Well, ever since we moved, the design just seemed off. The navy blue headboard was just too high and zip zilch nadda worked above it. There is a weird inset between two storage closets where there should be something amazing, but no matter what I popped in there, it did not scream shazam. Alas, there was a disconnect between the old design and the new house.

When Universal Furniture approached me to partner up, I was all in for a master bedroom makeover. BTDubs, the entire post makes feel like I’m on an episode of Cribs…“this is where the magic happens”. Anyhoo, here’s is a sneaky peek, and if you think this is good, just wait for the full reveal, and you don’t want to miss the before look.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern with Universal Furniture's Spaces Brantley Bed

Brought to you by Universal Furniture Spaces Collection   ///   Brantley King Bed with Wall Panels   ///  Everette Accent Chair

Universal recently debuted their new collection Spaces. A sleek and stylish line with a modern look and feel, but most important, it’s designed to maximize your square footage from high rise condo to suburban home like mine.  Plus, many of the upholstered pieces are upholstered in performance fabric. If you have kids, pets, or drink coffee or red wine, this is important. Trust me. If you’re an interior designer looking to get to the trade account, just click here.

Before we get into it, let’s take a peek at the before, shall we? This is the bedroom in the old house.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Not too shabby, right? Well, after we moved, I tried glamming it up by swapping out the Mid-Century Modern style nightstands for a vintage find, but that experiment failed greatly. I dunno if it was the room, the style mix, or the scale, but I broke my bedroom with that design decision. Case in point.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

After 3 years of waking up in a meh…albeit functional space…it was time to zhush. I started playing with a mood board to get the makeover in a good place. Since The Boy would probably get cranky with both the kitchen and the bedroom in complete chaos, I needed to be fully prepped and ready to roll.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern

You’ll notice things changed a bit with the final design. Originally the settee was going to go in the inset, but it wasn’t shazammy enough. I love it, but there was no room for it. The mirror was replaced with some art from the shoppe that really added the pop I had been looking for. It also inspired color!!! Words this neutral queen never thought she’d utter. And the lamps, well, once the bed was in place, their height did not work.

It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on this bed. It’s extra side panels and tufted headboard gave me all the heart eyes. Most importantly, it would also fill the wall to perfection. My favorite part…it’s low profile headboard allowed for a massive piece of art over the bed. FINALLY!

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern

The bed’s upholstery color, Dover Natural, inspired me to really focus on that texture on texture, layered look. As you may already know, I love ivory on white on cream on beige on tan on brown on black look. When I found this vintage sculptural paper art, I knew it had to go over the bed. I squeal every time I look at it.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern

Once I started styling the space, I felt like it needed some added oomph. A tiny punch of color without being in your face. Of course, I began with my old standby pink, but it did nothing for me. Gasp! Was I over my beloved blush? I played with swatches of greens and blues, but remember that artwork I mentioned earlier? The punch of color was inspired by it and these brass beauties from my friend Melissa. Please give a warm welcome to goldenrod.  Also, notice the inset…looks pretty shazam, right?

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern with Mid-Century Modern wood dresser

Both of these vintage, Mid-Century Modern wood dressers were existing to the old room design. They just shifted around in the space a bit, and it wasn’t until I broke out the measuring tape that I realized I had more than enough room for the one to fit in the inset.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern

Adding the goldenrod velvet curtains was a srsly bold step for moi, but they really make the new accent chair from Universal pop! They were the last piece of decor installed in the room, and as soon as they were hung I was all ERMERGERD!!!! I LOVE COLOR!!!! I shopped my house a bit and grabbed this french girl chic black cone from my office and snagged this chrome clad chest of drawers from a vintage buddy.

Are you ready to see the full room reveal??????

Before and after - modern bedroom makeover with neutrals and pops of gold and mustard yellow

Before and after - modern bedroom makeover with neutrals and pops of gold and mustard yellow

Adding color with curtains and pillows seemed like a smart choice since they can be easily swapped out. That way if I change my mind…which I tend to do quite often…I can do so without reinventing the wheel. After 3 years of waiting for the perfect master bedroom, I definitely do NOT want to start over.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Vintage Modern

The nightstands still need a bit of zhushing. I don’t know if there needs to be wallpaper behind the headboard or maybe a rug? Maybe both? Maybe an extra piece of art or a mirror? Or maybe just a pop of goldenrod? It needs an extra sumthin’ sumthin’, don’t you think?

Master Bedroom Makeover - Universal Furniture Everette chair

However, momma is pleased and punch with this corner here…even Mr. Sheepy is happy now! Although Imma have to arm wrestle little Zozo for the Everette chair. It’s as soft as a teddy bear and spins. Every night she tries to snatch it for herself. Can you blame her though?

This post is sponsored by Universal Furniture. All words, thoughts, and designs are my own.

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