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Tips For Furnishing A Small Space

For a first-time home owner or a high-rise apartment dweller, shopping for furniture that fits can often be discouraging. While there are many beautiful pieces on the market, they are often designed for larger rooms, and ultimately, larger houses overall. But if you aren’t working with quite as much square footage, the task of finding stylish furniture that fits perfectly within your space can be daunting! Instead of stressing, follow our tips below on how to shop for chic and modern styles that will fit just right inside your abode.

·      Multi-purpose furnishings

When trying to furnish a smaller space home or apartment, some of the best pieces to look out for are those that offer more than just one function. For example, a bed frame with pull-out drawers is always a great choice because it provides storage, and of course, a stylish place to sleep.

·      Swivel Chairs

Chairs crafted with a swivel function are the perfect comfort accessory for a smaller living space. With the opportunity to turn the chair in any direction you wish, whether it be towards the TV or towards the center of the room where a card game is being played, the multi-functional design proves to be super convenient. Plus, not only does this design maximize smaller spaces, it also adds a vibrantly retro appeal to your place.

·      Secret Storage

Often, one of the biggest issues when it comes to smaller homes and apartments is the lack of storage space. This is why it is so imperative to be mindful of the types of furniture you buy since every last square foot counts. With furnishings that offer secret storage, like an accent ottoman, you can get style and function all in one.

·      Headboards / Smaller Footboards

For smaller bedrooms, avoiding larger, more intricate bedframes all together will take you far. While this may be stylish, it is not a plausible option when working with smaller areas. Instead, investing in an upholstered headboard or a frame with a more compactly designed footboard is an ideal choice. This will be a huge space saver for your bedroom area, while still providing you with a chic and modern look.

·      Mirrors

Smaller spaces can sometimes mean fewer windows and ultimately less natural light. But, thankfully, this is an extremely easy fix! Try hanging a mirror on any wall in your home in need of a little extra decorative attention, and you will automatically see your space transform. Providing a reflection to spaces will trick the eye into thinking an area is bigger, thus creating a feeling of a more open and breathable space.

·      Always Measure

At the end of the day, while all of these tips will make a huge difference in shopping for smaller-space furniture, it is our recommendation to always measure any piece you are considering before purchasing. Knowing your home’s layout and how much open square footage you are working with is the only guaranteed way to find that one piece of furniture that perfectly fits, physically and aesthetically.

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