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Fall for Modern Nomad

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, cozy fabrics and soft tones become more and more needed for the preparation for winter.

Curved forms mixed with crisp edges, natural cane, and two-tone finishes, create a haven of relaxation.

Nomad offers a soft and organic finish selection, comprised of white oak, white lacquer, linen, and stone.

Explore Bedroom

Daybreak Bed  U181320B / 81w x 18d x 64h

Nomad Nightstand  U181351 / 32w x 18d x 28h

Sischo Bench  U181380 54 w x 16d x 18h

Reese Accent Chair – Special Order  U151505 / 26w x 31d x 32h



Nomad Bed  U181260B / 81w x 88d x 56h

Breeze Nightstand  U181356 / 20w x 20d x 30h

Dexter Accent Chair  889535-617 / 25 w x 27d x 34h



Explore Dining

Nomad Dining Table  U181636 / 86w x 42d x 30h

Prier Side Chair  U181636 / 23w x 23d x 32h

Nomad Side Chair  U181262 / 21w x 22d x 34h

Nomad Credenza  U181966 / 80w x 19d x 34h



Callon Round Dining Table  U181657 / 54w x 54d x 30h

Sonora Arm Chair  U181638 / 23w x 23d x 34h



Explore Living

Encompass Sectional – Special Order   U153510 / 154w x 82d x 34h

Everdin Cocktail Table  U181809 / 46w x 46d x 15h

Riverine Accent Table   U181821 / 18w x 18d x 22h



Nomad Desk   U181813 / 56w x 26d x 30h

Nomad Etagere   U181850 / 60w x 18d x 74h



Nomad Credenza   U181966 / 80w x 19d x 34h



Croydon Console Table   U181816 / 76w x 16d x 32h


Explore more of Modern Nomad on our website: Collection-Nomad

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