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Introducing Spaces

The average size of a new home has decreased according to the National Association of Home Builders, and it’s expected to decrease again. It’s a move that coincides with a new era of homebuyers looking to make their first purchase; a cohort that values features more than size. So where will this generation find furniture that fits their modest dwellings?

Enter Spaces, a young, vibrant and eclectic group of furnishings befitting a first home or a high-rise apartment. Although it’s defined by size – smaller in scale – it’s large in scope, with more than 75 skus in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional and transitional.

“Spaces addresses the constraints of real life for younger Americans living in modestly sized rooms that require modestly sized furniture,” said Universal Furniture Director of Marketing Neil MacKenzie. “We designed the collection to offer multiple fashion preferences, but all fit within a smaller footprint.”

This diverse collection includes a mixture of finishes from light maple to white lacquer, bleached walnut, wire-brushed oak and rich walnut with materials including wood, glass, metal and stone.

To view the new Spaces collection and find the perfect fit for your home, CLICK HERE

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