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Design A Simply Chic Tablescape in 6 Steps

A gorgeous tablescape the focal point of any meal, whether it’s an intricate dinner, midday brunch, or even an elegant tea. With just the right amount of decorations and styling, a perfectly poised tablescape sets the mood for the occasion. But where do you start? While it may seem overwhelming, it’s simple when you understand how to approach it. Read on as we break down how to design a chic tablescape that promises to make this important element of party planning easy and fun.

1.     Decide on a Color Palette

Before you delve in too deep, the first thing you need to select is your color palette. This will help to focus your design and will automatically eliminate options that don’t fit within your scheme. For an elegant celebratory dinner, try mixing gold and matte black acccents. Or, for a cheery, casual gathering, choose bright jewel tones and fun but sensible pattern accents.

2.     Vary Between Different Textures, Finishes & Patterns

To avoid a stagnant tablescape, it’s essential to select items that promote depth and add richness. Considering the necessary components of a tablescape, this easy to achieve. If you pick a linen napkin, mix it up with a different type of placemat, like a woven rattan or another textured material. Napkin rings and place card holders are great options.

3.     Limit Your Accessories

While choosing several accessories to richen up your tablescape is encouraged, you don’t want to overdo it. Cluttering up your table with too many knick-knacks will take away from your design. With each accessory, ask yourself what purpose it serves and if it’s absolutely necessary. Editing your table guarantees a perfectly accented backdrop for a meal.

4.     Include Greenery and Florals

It can be said that no tablescape is truly complete without flowers or greenery. While florals can enhance with their texture, appeal, bright colors, and varying heights and shapes, greenery helps to introduce movement to tablescapes as well as adding a soft, natural element. When in doubt, add a flower, orchid, or even just some gorgeous eucalyptus leaves.

5.     Set a Mood with Lighting and Candles

Lighting is often an overlooked element, but this step is just as imperative as any other! Lighting is a crucial design element when you want to express a certain mood or feeling. An abundance of bright lighting encourages feelings of happiness and celebration, while dim lightning promotes a more intimate, reserved setting. And, of course, the addition of candles always inspires a warm, welcome feeling.

6.     Have Fun!

Lastly, it’s important have fun while designing your tablescape! This is an ideal place to infuse some of your personality into an event you have worked hard to plan, and your guests are sure to appreciate all of your time and effort spent. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, allow yourself to become inspired, and enjoy the final, stunning outcome!

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